Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club
Every day from 7.45am-8.30am

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"I like coming to Breakfast Club because I get to see my friends. We also get to do lots of activities and you get to spend some time reading" Alfie

"I love coming to Breakfast Club because I like singing times tables, chatting with my friends, and I love the toast! It's also one of the most fun clubs ever" Ryan

"I like Breakfast Club because it helps me mix with other people. Breakfast Club provides delicious breakfast for all of us. It also helps me with my times tables and reading" Klaudia

"I like Breakfast Club because we get to read, so I can do more accelerated reading tests. Also there is food and drinks. Last thing we do times tables." Emily

"I love Breakfast Club because you get to do wonderful activities and see teachers when you need them most. The food there is absolutely brilliant! They serve hot food like spaghetti hoops." Korede

Breakfast Club operates from the KS2 hall from 7.45am until 8.30am serving breakfast food to children who arrive early at school, before formal lessons begin. The school works to provide a healthy, informal breakfast in a social situation encouraging our young people to interact with their peers whilst independently ensuring that they have their own breakfast of choice.

Every day there is a selection of non-sugared cereal, wholemeal toast, with or without jam, fruit juice, water and milk to drink. There is also fresh fruit such as pineapple, melon and kiwi fruit to encourage our children to try new things. Spaghetti or baked beans are available on a Thursday.

From 7.45am, children are encouraged to serve themselves their cereal and drink before helping themselves to a constant stream of buttered toast.

After children have eaten, there are many educational opportunities for children to engage in:

  • Supervised ICT time is available on the school’s computers. During this time, children can access appropriate maths and English games as well as catching up on homework or engaging in topic related research.
  • Arts and crafts activities are available enabling children to complete season appropriate activities such as making Mother’s Day cards, Easter pictures etc.
  • Reading mentors are available to buddy up with our younger children to support them with their reading. Staff members are also available to read with older students.
  • Construction activities are available for our children to test their resilience and creativity.

We believe breakfast club helps to build positive relationships with parents/carers, provide an opportunity to talk with parents, provide opportunity for parents to meet other parents, encourage parents to engage, and also to:

  • Improve attendance and punctuality for the child.
  • By providing a healthy, substantial breakfast it would improve concentration levels during the morning and therefore academic achievement.
  • Promote social skills for children and parents.
  • Promote table manners and manners in general.
  • Encourage healthy eating by providing a wide range of healthy choices.
  • Encourage children to make their own choices.
  • Provide a calm, positive start to each day.

No need to book your place, just turn up; we always like to see new faces! Remember that if you are in receipt of Income Support or if you are already in entitlement of Free School Meals, then there is a charge of 50p. For all others, an affordable charge of £1.50 per session is required.