Year 2

Autumn Term 1 (2017-18)

Whole school theme: Who's Who?
Year group theme: Home or Away? Here or There?

Topic overview

Our topic for this is half-term is “Home or away?”  We will be using our geographical skills to learn how pirates worked their way around the UK.  We will be looking at the contrasting locations, such as coastal areas, rural areas, cities, villages and towns. The children will carry out their own research to find out about the location and physical features of these areas. To help us with our research we will be using atlases, information leaflets and the internet. We will also be developing our design and technology and maths skills to help us design our own pirate flags.  In Science we are focussing on plants and will be investigating what plants need to grow well.  We will be making observations of the plants and trees around school and will be growing our own cress seeds.  In Art we will be looking at the work of Monet and learning how to use watercolours to paint fantastic landscape scenes. Our RE will be focussing on how we should care for others and the world and why it matters. In Personal Development, we will be learning about how to be safe.

Ideas to support your child

Look at maps to find places of interest and talk about the symbols used. 

Draw a map of the journey from home to school.

Talk about the changes in the trees throughout the autumn months.

Plant seeds and bulbs to explore what plants need to grow.

Go on a nature walk to look at the different plants in your local area.

Give the children opportunities to taste new fruits and vegetables.  Discuss where they are from and what part of the plant they are.

Guide on the side homework

Choose an island around the world to research and produce an information leaflet. 

  • Where is the island located?
  • What is the weather like?
  • What animals and plants are found there?
  • What can visitors do?
  • What are the islands traditions? (Food, clothes, festivals etc)

HPA Popcorn Aut1 Y2

We will be having a parents showcase at the end of the half term to show all of the wonderful work we have done.


We will be visiting Rainham Village (dates to follow).

Ideas to help support your child at home and succeed in Year 2

  1. Complete the weekly homework with your child. If they find it too difficult – don’t panic, help as best you can and leave it if they are struggling. If they find it too easy – challenge them. Ask them to explain how they have found their answers, ask them to write a word problem about what they have just done, create some new questions for them.
  2. Spell words that aren’t on the usual weekly spellings or ask your child to write some sentences including the spellings. Are they still spelling those words correctly?
  3. Read WITH your child every day. Often when children read on their own they won’t always be reading words correctly or understanding all of the words.
  4. Read lots but also read different things. Story books, information books, recipes, magazines, road signs (make this into a game!), diaries, subtitles on the television, websites.
  5. Always ask comprehension questions about anything your child has read such as tell me what the book was about in only one sentence? What might happen after the story? What would happen if one thing was changed? Did you enjoy it and why? Was the book like any other books and why? How were characters feeling? Imagine you were in the story, what would you have done?

There are LOTS of free websites to access, here are just a few:

Help your child complete the Guide on the Side

  1. Ask your child what they have done at school and to explain this. For example, if they say we have been subtracting numbers, how can we do that?
  2. Let them count any money or change you have and maybe help pay for things. Use the journey to school to practice times tables.
  3. Begin to tell the time using analogue clocks

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