Year 3

Autumn Term 2

Whole school theme: Inspirational People
Year group theme: Warrior Queen – Boudicca

Topic overview

This half term Year 3 will be focusing on Boudicca and Roman Britain which we will be exploring across different subject areas.

Within History, Children will be focusing in detail at Roman Britain and the Celtic rebellion with particular emphasis on Boudicca. These sessions will include looking at how the Roman’s influenced life in Britain and make links with the local area and the town of Colchester. Children will be encouraged to complete additional research to support their learning.

The  study of Roman Britain with continue in the Art and DT lessons where children will explore and create their own mosaics and construct their own Roman shield, sword or helmet, whereas Science will look at the study of rocks; including the different rock types, how they are formed and linking with the work of archaeologists.

We will continue to use Numicon in to our Maths sessions and during this half term our main focus will look at calculation and the different methods associated with the four operations. Numicon resources give children a sound start to maths through playful and innovative activities, enabling them to practice using a visual and hands on approach.

PE days are Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit or swimming costume, towel and swim cap ready for these days, and that all jewellery is removed before they come to school.

Thank you!

Guide on the side

This half term the children’s guide of the side homework will relate to our topic on Boudicca and the Core Text ‘Stig of the Dump.’

Children must choose two of the following:

  • Write a Boudicca report
  • Create a Roman Mosaic
  • Archaeological Dig Box
  • Celtic Roundhouse

Autumn Term 1

Whole school theme: Who's Who? 
Year group theme: Spain

HPA Aut1 Flag Y3

Topic overview

This half term Year 3 will be focusing on the country of Spain through a range of different subject areas.

During our topic sessions children will look in detail at Spain and make comparisons with the UK. This will include examining location, population and climate as well as cultural differences between the two countries including a food tasting session!

Food will also be a focus in the Design and Technology sessions where children will be given the opportunity to explore different bread types before producing their own version and designing their own toppings to a tasty Spanish dish.

English will focus on the beach which lends itself nicely to the topic of Spain and provides children with the opportunity to share their own experiences. The core text will look at the book ‘The Shrimp’ while the Literacy and Language unit focuses on ‘Sand Wizards’.

Maths will focus this half term on revising calculation methods for adding and subtracting as well as securing key number facts and strategies; while Science this half term provides children with the opportunity to examine, identify and describe different plants and their parts.

It will be an exciting time in PE where children will begin their swimming lessons. Please ensure that your child has their PE kit ready for these days and that all jewellery is removed before they come to school. This will be every Wednesday from the 20th September and finish Wednesday 6th Dec. Swimming trunks or shorts must be worn for boys, not Bermuda shorts, and full swimming costumes for girls and all must have a swimming cap.

We visit Kidzania on 28th September. This is not only great fun but extremely educational. It introduces children to the world of work and adult life. The focus is on the children earning money by taking part in a job of some sort and they can then spend the money elsewhere in shops.

Chance to Dance lessons will begin 6th October and will take place Friday afternoons during normal PE lessons. The company will be attending Herringham and working with our children to develop dance skills, focussing on ballet. By the end of the course they may choose to recommend certain children to the Royal Opera House to further develop their dance skills.

WOW Week

With our whole school WOW week theme of trees, Year 3 decided to read the Gruffalo and take part in activities about the characters and the wood they traveled through. We have gathered data about mini-beasts around our school, created masks of the book characters, re-written the story with US as the main character and also created a short dramatisation of the book in our own outdoor forest!

HPA Aut1 Y3 Photo2 HPA Aut1 Y3 Photo
See our Gruffalo Video below!