Year 4

Autumn Term 1 (2017-18)

HPA Aut1 Y4

Topic overview

This half term Year 4 will be focusing on the country of Pakistan through a range of different subject areas.

During our topic sessions children will look in detail at Pakistan and make comparisons with the UK. This will include examining location, population and climate as well as cultural differences between the two countries including a food tasting session!

Textiles will be a focus in the Art and Design and Technology sessions where children will be given the opportunity to explore textiles and patterns linked to our topic work and then design and produce a bag or purse.

Year 4 will be looking at ‘Mr Stink’ by David Walliams in my book blog this half term while the literacy and language unit is sugar cane juice which is based around Pakistan.

Maths will continue to use the Numicon scheme with particular focus this half term on revising calculation methods for adding and subtracting as well as securing key number facts and strategies; while Science this half term provides children with the opportunity to find out more about teeth, digestion and eating.

It will be an exciting time in PE where children will be looking at multi-cultural dance linked to our topic and also be learning how to play hockey. PE days will be Monday and Thursday. Please ensure that your child has their full PE kit ready for these days and that all jewellery is removed before they come to school. Thank You!

Ideas to support your child

All children are expected to read at home with an adult for at least 20 minutes each day.  This should include a range of text types.  Please also encourage and support your child to complete their homework to a high standard.

Guide on the side

This half term’s guide on the side will be focused around class trees. Please make sure your child has their work ready for the first week back at school.


As part of our science topic – teeth and digestion, children will be taking a trip to the dentist! Dates to be confirmed.