Pupils raise awareness of Water Aid...

Herringham pupils took part in Water Aid Day recently to raise awareness of the plight of people without access to clean and safe water. They all dressed in blue for water, to celebrate the day.

During the morning, pupils learnt about different countries where people have no access to clean water and discussed the problems this brought to these people. They thought about how important water is and how they use water every day. They compared the amount of water they would use compared to how far someone would have to collect this in the developing world.

In the afternoon, pupils took part in a sponsored walk to raise money for the charity, before spelling out the words Water Aid (see pictured).

Assistant Head of School, Mr Stephen Moon, said “The pupils were incredibly interested and showed real empathy when learning about the needs of countries who have severe water shortages or have no access to clean water. They also thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to carry out a sponsored walk to raise money for Water Aid, which gave them the opportunity to see what lots of young people from across the world have to go through in order to obtain water. As a result of this day, we raised in excess of £600!”

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