The day the toys came to town...

Year 1 pupils from Herringham Primary Academy were recently given the opportunity to take part in a whole day completely surrounded by everything ‘Toys’.

The day started off with a visiting Toy Museum, designed to give them a hands-on experience with a range of toys from the past.  Each of the ‘work stations’ had a theme; transport, wooden toys, metal toys, puppets etc. Working in small groups, the pupils joined our wonderful parent helpers exploring, playing and questioning.

The afternoon session revolved around making simple toys and games such as balancing parrots, clay work, flick books, spinning tops and rod puppets.  This session provided the pupils with a direct experience in making and playing with traditional toys and an introduction to the different types of materials that can be used.

Mrs Dana Farrell, Year 1 teacher, said “It was very obvious that the pupils really enjoyed their day with focussed engagement on every activity from start to finish. The company that delivered the workshops, History off the Page, provided an incredible experience for our young learners at Herringham Primary Academy.”

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